#OneWordEDU 2018 | Simplify


This is the third year I’ve participated in #OneWordEdu.  It is all about choosing one word as your mantra or a principle to guide your thoughts and decisions and actions throughout the year.

Read more about my 2016 OneWordEDU (balance) and my 2017 OneWordEDU (purpose) and how I narrowed down the choice of word and theme!

This year my word choice is Simplify.  I am a do-er. I like to be busy, jump in to help, be involved, constantly improve.  Often times it’s a struggle for me because I spread myself too thin.  Last year, my focus on purpose helped me notice and decide what was really valuable.  This year, it’s time to take action and simplify those priorities. I will be able to better focus on those tasks and work toward goals that matter to me!

Will you choose a #OneWordEDU to guide your work this year?  A favorite tip is to create a graphic (maybe a sketchnote or something like I did above) and print it out to hang near your workspace as a regular reminder.

Many teachers also help their students select a #OneWord for the coming semester.  There are lots of resources out there, including this fabulous hyperdoc template from Sean Fahey. I love the idea of students creating a graphic and adding it to a class padlet, like this from Mrs. Montgomery’s 4th Grade Class!

Be sure to comment below and tell us your word and why!  Let’s hold each other accountable because we are #BetterTogether!


3 thoughts on “#OneWordEDU 2018 | Simplify

  1. Love all the ways we can bring #OneWordEDU into the classroom with our students and coworkers, too! Your word SIMPLIFY is a powerful word indeed! I’m so blessed to know you and will always appreciate your leadership on the VSTE Conference Committee this past year! Cheers to a productive and enjoyable 2018!


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