About Margaret

1426784669I’m Margaret, an Instructional Technology Coach in Chantilly, Virginia.  I work in a large high school with over 3000 students.  I am passionate about building relationships with staff and students, engagement, Google Apps for Education and innovative teaching ideas! I love the new ideas I learn from my Professional Learning Network on Twitter.  I’m a former elementary teacher and have been a Tech Coach in both Elementary and High Schools.

During the 16-17 school year, my high school is part of work in our district to transform teaching and learning and help to prepare our students for success after high school.  We are working to create student centered spaces and learning opportunities for all students and as part of that work, each and every student in our Chantilly Pyramid schools will receive a laptop.  This is phase one of a new project our district calls #FCPSon.  Check out the hashtag on twitter to see the great work happening K-12 in our transformation!

The best way to contact me is via Twitter @TechyMargaret.


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