Instead of resolutions and wishes for the new year, I’ve adopted this idea of One Word – choosing a word that will CXpbuKsUAAAzHazimpact your life in all aspects and really ground your thinking as you enter the new year.

You can read more about the concept of choosing One Word here or on Twitter.

My word for the year is BALANCE.  I’m really looking to find this – I tend to go all in with too many things, then find I can’t maintain that enthusiasm and energy, leading to burn out and abandonment.

In all things I take on this year – I want the word that grounds my plans and actions to be BALANCE.  Not overdo it one way or another – I have a very competitive personality and tend to jump in too far.  I’ve identified a few areas I’d like to start the year with a focus to find this balance.

Work & Life & Family & Friends – definitely need to find more time to unplug and step away. I tend to pop in and check email, twitter, voxer often when I’m away from work.  Part of this is that I love to learn, I really do! But we have some plans to get away in the next few months and I plan to be fully unplugged.  I’ve even been looking into getting a digital camera so I’m not tempted to keep my phone on and with me just for the camera.  Little things 🙂

Risk & Challenge vs Current Responsibility – I want to continue to grow outside of my school, continue to connect and attend conferences, but I need to temper that with the very important work my school needs.  We are in the midst of a big transition in teaching and learning.  I have big, important work to do and I need to be sure that the learning I’m doing adds to the work in my school.

Healthy choices vs. Obsession – this is incredibly important to me.  I think this is where my competitive side takes on too much.  If a little of something is good – all of it, or more of it must be even better and I tend to go overboard and beat myself up when I may change direction or make a less awesome choice.  Along with this is a return to healthy food choices, exercise and time outdoors.  Sunshine and fresh air benefit me greatly – whether it’s a hike, a walk or a jog.

These things will take time – but I’m optimistic that being intentional with guiding principle of balance will help me make the best choices for me this year, professionally and personally!

Did you choose a word to guide your choices in 2016?

5 thoughts on “#OneWord2016

  1. […] I LOVE the plan of picking #OneWord instead of setting a resolution.  There are studies out there about how few people keep their New Year’s Resolutions…the verdict is out on the #OneWord, but the anecdotal responses look good judging by my PLN and the educators I talk with regularly.  PLUS it totally worked for me in 2016 (read more here and here). […]


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