Weekly Tech Tips

Most weeks (not July and most of August, and December holiday time) we create a list of resources for teachers in a Google Drawing or Document. We list them below. Please feel free to share them!

Date & Link Highlights
 3.2.2016  Flipped Learning, Distraction vs Engagement, Social Media Risks, Collaborative Learning Formula, Save Paper, Awesome Screenshot extension
 2.24.2016  Reflective Questions about Student Motivation, 60 Ways to Use Twitter in the classroom, Developing 21st Century Thinkers, Google Resources for Student Centered Writing, Find files in Google Drive, EdCampNoVA, Gamification
   2.17.2016 Digital Learning Day, Google Docs Comments, Pictochart
  2.9.2016 Snag-It, Tech Impact on Modern Education, Science Flash Talk, Help Students Become Better Questioners, 10 Google Hacks, Google Organization, CMS
  2.2.2016  virtual valentines, digital learning day, building rapport, group assignments in classroom, google docs in math, posters in google draw, benefits of creativity, user profile
 1.4.2016  Google Apps Resources, Engagement ideas, convert .pages to .doc
 12.15.15  chrome shortcuts, ie tab for chrome, google forms, force copy, student engagement
 12.1.15 Hour of Code Resources
 11.24.15  Shake your desktop, Lauch Taskbar Programs w/o a Mouse, Thankfulness & Gratitude, QR Codes from Sheets, Grading Tips, Hamburgers & Dots, Hour of Code, #NoVAedchat
 11.17.05 SmartBoard how-to, Pinterest Boards for Math Teachers, Students can create to show what they know, the power of I don’t know, building relationships, level up in google classroom, edcampnova, hour of code, novaedchat
11.10.15 Infographic Resumes, Adding Fonts to Google Docs, Using Slides, Google Keep, 4 Math Add Ons, #EdCampNova, Hour of Code, NovaEdChat
11.9.2015 Google Classroom sort, Free Hour of Code box, Formative
11.3.15 Twitter Poll, 10 Websites Teachers Love Now, 5 Chrome Tips, Google Forms, Doodle4Google, NovaEdChat, EdCampNova,
 10.27.15 create slideshow in youtube, organize Google Drive
 Earlier Tech Tips from 2015-2016

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