Breaking It Down With @Flocabulary

IMG_0712I had a fun day at #FETC- if you’re here today, you likely did too. By the end of the day I was getting tired (as I’ve pointed out, it’s A LOT of walking). I was just getting ready to leave when I saw a whole bunch of teachers clustered around the Flocabulary booth. At 3 pm, after a looooooong day of learning (and walking), Dillon (one of the Flocabulary artists) began to rap a song…a song about planets. If you’ve never heard a rap song about planets, you can check out his live performance below, but it was pretty great.  What I really loved about it was that the teachers were into it.  Clearly, they were tired, but once he started performing, people got excited, they cheered, and I even saw some hand waving. If tired Teachers can get energized by that type of content (fun, loud music), imagine how some students might, too.

Maybe Flocabulary isn’t your thing (or your students’ thing). Maybe y’all love GoNoodle, or maybe it’s BrainPop, maybe they love YOUR performances that you record on YouTube and share with them. Whatever it is that excites you and energizes your students, do that. Do LOTS of that! Learning should be fun, and as I pointed out in my recap of Sir Ken Robinson’s keynote, we need to build a school culture that supports people and supports learning.

What works to energize your students around content?


Full disclosure: I’m a Flocabulary MC Educator and the Flocabulary team took me to lunch today…it was delicious. Check out Urban Tide at the Hilton. 

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