Pro Tips: Level Up On Your PD

There’s nothing better than an exciting, energizing professional learning experience (okay, maybe happy hour…) and nothing can leave you wishing you were grading essays like a bad one. Often, participants find themselves wondering ‘who planned this?’ and ‘how is this useful to anyone’ while suffering through hours of professional development. If you’re planning a learning opportunity… Read More Pro Tips: Level Up On Your PD

#OneWordEdu 2016-17

I learned about #OneWord from my partner in Tech, Margaret last year. I’ve been into goal-setting for a long time now, but have frequently seen a similar pattern: think up what you want to do, formulate an elaborate goal, and then work on it.  I’ve decided to move #OneWord into #OneWordEdu– let’s build a community… Read More #OneWordEdu 2016-17