Building Capacity?

Is it a real thing we’re striving for or is it another way to shift more work to teachers?  Is “building capacity” a positive or negative?

We often hear this in trainings or in meetings, usually it comes just before someone tells us something new that we are going to be responsible for.  I’m struggling with this concept and whether it’s reality or a euphemism for just do more with the same resources and time.

I won’t argue that our goal is genuine.  But how realistic is it if we never remove anything from that full plate?  We just add more work in the name of capacity.    And have we lost the effectiveness of this statement?   Do the majority of folks respond with the same questioning stance? 

I realize this post is more full of questions than answers and ideas. One of the reasons I started this blog was to “chew” on and process my thinking.  I’m hoping that in response to this I’ll hear thoughts that resonate with me and help shape my thinking.  It keeps shifting and changing. 


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