What I’ve Read and Learned: April 2019

Books and Articles:

Young Adult Fiction: 

Over spring break I set the professional reading aside and read young adult fiction.  It was glorious!  The three books I read were part of my effort to read diverse authors with characters who have experiences that aren’t like mine.  These books were incredible. I was moved to tears more than once while reading and truly felt like I knew the characters.  Beyond that, all three books centered on teenagers and their experiences finding their way and their voice in the world.  While I grew up in very different situations than these characters, there is so much I could identify with!

Productivity isn’t about Time Management – It is about Attention Management

This article brings many ideas to light. Are we managing our attention? Are we planning our work to make the most on of our productivity and creativity? Really interesting read that has been helpful as I work more independently this year and work to plan and create.

Anti-Racist Book Festival

The Anti-Racist Book Festival at American University was life changing for me. Authors of books that have pushed my growth in understanding and dismantling racist and white supremacist ideology came together for moderated conversations and pushed me even further. My to-read list was ever expanding and the notes I took that day are notes that I have gone back to read several times already. This will be an annual event and I can’t wait until next year. Read the tweets from the day here.

See the titles featured in the image below and start reading!


Code Switch

This podcast continues to give me life. I learn so much from listening – and I’m afraid people are beginning to not listen to me any more because most of my conversations begin with “I was listening to Code Switch…”

I’ve taken three trips recently and listened to this podcast episode-after-episode for the entire trip. I’m (not-so) slowly working my way through old episodes that challenge my thinking. Here are a few to get you started!

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