Using Google Draw to Create Beautiful Mosaics

Two nights ago this tweet from Sarah Jacobs crossed my timeline:

First. WOW!! This is absolutely incredible. I was so moved by Sarah’s art that I started digging into this. How in the world did she do this? Could I try it? So next I found a few more tweets that were helpful and discovered what I think to be her workflow.

Find an original image and insert it into google drawings. Then use the polyline tool to create and add your mosaic pieces. Finally, remove the image from behind and set the background color. WOW!!

So of course I had to try. I’m not finished AT ALL, but I’m loving the process and how this is coming together! I found a photo of a hand lettered sign. Added it to my google draw canvas and got to work. I found it easier to work when zoomed in more than 200%. See below. I think there are connections here to what sorts of shapes we’re making, how we vary the shapes from triangles to trapezoids to rhombus to irregular polygons. In addition to the art that might accompany writing, I wonder how this might connect with other curricular areas.

Finally, I’ve been working on this as a method of decompressing. It’s been wonderful to focus on something creative that takes a great deal of focus as a way to clear my mind and breathe.

I can’t wait to finish this! I’m excited to share the final product on Twitter…. and I might even print it to hang in my office!

Edit: I finished! I’m so excited! I had to create another right away.

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