The Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools – @Cultofpedagogy at #SXSWEDU

This morning I watched and listened carefully to Jennifer Gonzalez’s keynote from South by Southwest EDU conference. I’m blown away by the opportunity to learn from keynote speakers even when I’m not able to attend conferences. There are so many experiences at a conference that I know I miss out on when I can’t attend. I’m thankful for this chance to learn and process from my own home.

Now, Jennifer is amazing. She is an incredible writer, teacher and advocate for better schools and classrooms for all of our students. I love listening to her podcasts and reading her blog. Learning from her about the “Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools” definitely intrigued me!

Her description of steps to make meaningful change and work toward progress are spot on. Her descriptions and examples are so relate-able.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video.

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