Learning Over Winter Break

I’m very torn on this topic. I totally understand the need to decompress, relax and refresh. Taking a break and spending time with loved ones is something I don’t want to cast aside or minimize.

Yet I’m perpetually curious. I am always a learner. I have a hard time turning that side of my brain off. So I LOVE the opportunities to learn more about things I’m interested in, that can improve my work with teachers and students and school leaders.  I love the opportunity to choose what and how I engage in my learning. I love that I can do all of this in the car or on the couch in front of my Christmas tree.   I can spend as much or as little time in a day that I want.  I wanted to put these together for you in one place so that you have the same opportunity.

Video Learning

Matt Miller‘s Ditch Summit is incredible. This opportunity to watch a video each day (or listen in the car as you drive to and from holiday events!) from educators around the world is available from December 14-31. The videos are available until December 31. You can watch them all or one or any number in between.  Matt uploads digital notes for each video so you have something to reference and continue your learning long after the videos finish.

Online courses, eBooks and challenges

Kasey Bell has a HUGE SPREAD of fantastic online learning opportunities on her website, ShakeUpLearning.com.  These self-paced courses provide opportunities for you to develop your skills and are written by Kasey, an educator and author.  Right now her 18 Challenges for 2018 eBook and Course are both free!  That’s right, totally free.   These challenges will introduce you to tasks and skills that will help you to continue to grow as an educator – Pick Your Podcast PD, Create in 360, Package Your Digital Assignments, GIF it, and more!

All you have to do is subscribe to her newsletter and the course is yours.  Click here to sign up and get started! 


I’m a HUGE reader.  Some of the professional books I’ve read recently have changed my life and my practice as an educator.   I have others on my list (or my nightstand if we’re being honest) that are up next.  Read the books – but find a way to talk with others about them!  This might be on twitter or over coffee with a friend.  Take advantage of the days off and find a lunch or coffee time with a friend to discuss.

Some of the books I’ve recently read or plan on reading soon:


I travel over the holidays and I have a longer commute now than I used to.  I’ve been filling my time in the car with podcasts.  Sometimes these are professional learning podcasts and other times they are ones I personally enjoy (especially true crime podcasts!)  These keep my mind engaged and help me take advantage of the time I’m in the car.   Jennifer Gonzalez hosts a podcast called Cult of Pedagogy.  This is by far my favorite and I LOVE listening to the latest episodes.  I almost always find something to use or share with colleagues.

How will you spend your time over winter break?  If you find yourself on a curiosity journey, I hope these resources point you toward some great learning opportunities!

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