Packing For #FETC

Now that FETC week is here, I’m putting the finishing touches on my packing. My clothes are packed (don’t forget sweaters…it can be chilly inside the Conference Center) and now I’m packing my bag for the conference. Do you ever wonder what you should bring with you for conferences? It’s taken me a few years to get it down to just what I need (without leaving anything important out). Take a peek at my bag:


My packing must-haves:

  • I definitely start with a backpack. I’ve tried bringing my cute work bag with me, but guess what? After a full day of wandering around and jamming stuff in, it makes your shoulder really hurt. Go with a backpack, you’ll appreciate it.
  • Next, I like to bring my laptop, which isn’t something everyone does. I have a FETC_eBadges18_BloggerMacBook Air, which definitely makes it easier to haul around, but since I’m one of the conference bloggers, I know that I’ll need my computer so that I can create content and record podcast episodes.
  • While I will have my laptop, I also like to bring my iPad with me. I have it for three reasons:
    • First: The battery lasts forever. I don’t bring a power strip with me (I have enough to carry around), so sometimes my laptop might run out of power. The iPad keeps a charge for a long time and I can charge it on the go (see below).
    • Second: I like to sketchnote sometimes, and using my iPad and a stylus (my recommendation is below) work really well for me.
    • Third: I use a great app called Duet that makes my iPad act as a second monitor for my computer. It makes being mobile so much easier!
  • I’m mostly a digital lady, but I’ve been getting into my ‘Magic Book’ this year, it’s a Rocketbook and I’m a fan. I write in it (using these erasable pens) and I can upload the pages right to my Google Drive. When the book is full, you can microwave it (I’ll use the one at work, since we don’t have one) and start over again with a blank book.
  • As I mentioned earlier, I love my stylus for sketchnoting. I use the Adonit Pixel and it seriously works a treat. It’s a Bluetooth stylus, so it’ does a pretty good job of not picking up my hand drags as I write on my iPad. I used this combination when I sketchnoted the TED Conference in Charleston this year.
  • I love to have power on the go, and my go-to power source is Anker. I have a PowerCore 20100 and it has no trouble keeping up with my power needs.
  • If you’ve spent any time with me, you likely know how much I love drinking water. This year, we’ve gotten really into Berkey filtered water, which is a giant metal gravity filter. Luckily, they sell a sport version, even if it is plastic (yuck), so I can fill up at any random water fountain and enjoy the deliciously filtered water.
  • I’ll definitely have my EarPods with me- they’re the only in-ear earbuds that don’t give me a headache, so I never leave home without them.
  • EOS grapefruit lip balm…enough said.
  • My kindle paperwhite with Learning First, Technology Second on it for the EdTech Coaches book study. Info here, chat (on Twitter). You can still join!
  • Finally, I’ll have my phone (for quick access to the FETC conference app and Twitter), sync cables and snacks (Kind bars & Lara bars, being some of my favorites). I don’t want to get tempted by baked goods and candy, so I like to bring my own treats.

I’m sure I’ll end up having forgotten something, but either way, I’m looking forward to a great conference.

What’s on your must-have list of conference essentials?

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