IMG_2447Today was a pretty exciting day. You might not know that Lacy & I record a podcast called 2 Tech Coaches & A Microphone (we really need to get our teammate Margaret in some episodes). In the episode we recorded today, we were able to interview Adam Bellow. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Bellow, he’s one of the co-founders of BreakoutEDU. BreakoutEDU is really inspirational for me- they took the idea of the breakout room you may have done on vacation (there are a few of them here in Charleston) and translated that into something that a teacher can use in their classroom. I do a lot more work with digital breakouts, since I support secondary teachers (grades 6-12), but the boxes can be really fun too! As a welcome gift to the BreakoutEDU authorized trainer group, IMG_1901I got a few new locks, including a shape lock, which I’m excited to try out at an upcoming session we’re hosting for teachers.

In our interview, Adam shared offered some insights on Breakouts and the instructional and growth benefits they offer.

He also shared some stores about his ‘personal children’ and how their educational experiences and delights have shaped the work he’s doing in his professional life. Adam has been involved in education at many different levels, ranging A5B1D856-3401-4486-9062-388F9B592923-15969-0000142BF83799F1from being a classroom teacher (just like the three of us) to working in the Obama Whitehouse, which helps him bring a varied, yet experienced point of view to his work. I’m looking forward to attending his keynote and sessions at FETC next week. Learn more about what session you might attend at FETC here.

episode 15

You can listen to our interview and see the show notes, too.  Please subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode on Apple podcasts or on Podcasts.com.

What have you heard about breakouts? Have you tried one?

2 thoughts on “#BreakoutEDU

  1. How fun that you both talked to Adam Bellow! He’s inspiring!

    Breakout is such a challenge to students and staff! We’re living in a world where most answers are at our finger tips and we sometimes struggle when it comes time to really think and solve puzzles. This is a great way to build stamina and perseverance with challenging tasks, not to mention it’s fun!


  2. BreakoutEDU’s thing is “It’s Time for Something Different.” They are so right! We aren’t in the industrial age and we aren’t training kids to’ make’ things. We need to teach differently because the world is a different place. One way to do that is by teaching soft skills – collaboration and critical thinking. I am drawn to Breakouts because they support that idea in an engaging way.


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