I’m back!

I took a break from writing  for the summer – to recharge, and then had a hard time getting started again! We jumped right into the work as soon as I started back.  Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to with our FCPSon Journey.

School ended June 23rd for students and I headed out on June 24th for ISTE in San Antonio. When I returned, I spent the month of July redoing our school website. We switched to a new Content Management System and a new template for our district so everything had to be moved over and made compliant with the new requirements.

July 19 was officially back to work for me. I kept busy planning for professional learning and distributing laptops to students. Again this year, we committed to distributing laptops before school started. We had 2300 of them out before the first day. (On the first day we saw 250 kids in 2 hours for distribution!!)  It was incredible to see students back to school, on day one, engaged in learning and working with content.

Our pyramid tech coaches planned a new teacher orientation for FCPSon. We did so much professional learning last year and we know that the reason we had so much success was the deep understanding of why we are making changes.  We spent 2.5 hours with teachers, working through a station rotation model and started that same conversation. It was so powerful to do this with all teachers who were new to the pyramid (about 100 total in our 9 schools).  We developed some understanding around modern learning spaces, the conceptual age, Portrait of a Graduate and the FCPS Learning Model, the first 5 play (how to get started with routines) and some school specific information (how students get their laptops, how they get help, etc).  This was incredible and we plan to do this again!!

We started school before labor day and have been running full steam ahead since!  I am back and recommitting to writing at least twice a month (aiming for monthly).  The comments and conversations I have because of these posts is invaluable.  PLUS the clarity that comes from thinking through and putting my thoughts into words here is so helpful.

Glad to be back, friends!


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