EdTech and Yoga?

In June, I attended #ISTE17, the annual conference for the International Society for Technology in Education.  This conference is so important to my teaching practice.  I get more ideas in this week and connect with educators from around the world in person that I usually learn from in my #PLN.  My Professional Learning Network (PLN) is filled with fabulous educators who teach preK through adults.

At conferences EVERYONE is handing out fliers and handouts and glossy booklets.  Vendors are particularly bad at this… but presenters and organizations do it too.  Usually I decline to take them unless I’m really interested.  And most that I do stick in my bag don’t make it past my hotel room trash can that evening. I’m not a fan of these advertisements and it takes a really good one for me to carry something back home with me.

I found an incredible production from ISTE that I wish I had more copies of to bring back to school with me.  I’ve not found it online, so I took some images in the meantime so I can share with you.

This little fold outbrochure made such a connection for me.  Stretch Your EdTech Practice:  Breath into the ISTE Standards for Educators.  Reading through this, every page was more of an ah-ha moment for me.

  • Edtech practice is not something you learn to do and master.  It’s something we keep improving and changing and stretching, just like our yoga practice.
  • There are a multitude of factors that impact our yoga practice – stress, hydration, focus, injury, getting in your own head even!  The same is true with the work we do every day.  We have to breathe in, focus and lean in to the work we do with students.  Our students depend on us to provide them with the absolute best learning activities we can.
  • Start where you are.  Modify as necessary.  Keep working at it.  Lessons that any beginning yogi hears and takes in.
  • There are multiple parts of edtech in the classroom – just like the many poses that make up any great yoga practice.  We may ROCK at one and really struggle with another.  And that may vary from day to day.  Keep on practicing and improving.


My favorite part of this brochure is the hints for getting started on the back.  There are steps to take in your first week of school, during the first month, first 6 months and in your year.  Incremental changes make a huge impact.

 Edit: I found a downloadable poster here Breathe Into the ISTE Educator Standards

One thought on “EdTech and Yoga?

  1. Yet another great reflection, Margaret! So glad you shared this standards as yoga doc… it was one of my favorites as well.


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