#ISTE17 – Wednesday Recap


The exhaustion really hit me on the Wednesday of #ISTE.  My brain is saturated. I’m tired and feeling less social.  🙂  Being on, having conversation at every turn can really wear me out!

This morning I really wanted to get up and make it to #CoffeeEDU with Alice Keeler, but I just couldn’t get myself up!  Instead I headed to the convention center for early sessions.

When I headed out to the shuttle stop at my hotel, there were TONS of people standing there.  Definitely more than a bus full.  And the people were restless.  Apparently they had been waiting a long time.  Well, finally a bus came, but we didn’t all fit on.   I had planned to stand and wait for the next bus… but a lady yelled out from across the line that she got an uber (a mini van) and could take 4 people with her!  How cool!  I jumped in and made it to the convention center.  After I got out, I couldn’t find my phone – but since it wasn’t my uber, I had no way to contact..so this lovely lady that I just met spent time with me trying to call our uber driver back and find my phone.  It was just in my backpack, but the panic was real.  Whew!!

My most memorable session today was about designing math lessons for deeper thinking.  It was incredible.  We talked about the pedagogy and reasons for asking students to explore, shared and played with some of the apps that we might use AND put together a spreadsheet of ideas that we all have access to after the session. FABULOUS.  One of the best sessions I attended all week.  Check out Mark Hines and his resources for some great ideas.

As an aside – my session where we learned all of this had a BAT flying around in it!  What a crazy day!

We wrapped up the day with a moving conversation with Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code.  She talked about how we have to change the culture that tells (and shows) our girls that tinkering, fixing, math and science are for boys not girls.  We have to show girls what’s possible.  I hung on every word she said.   Check out this sketchnote of her chat for some highlights.

And after the conference ended, I met up with two great friends – friends who started out as part of my PLN and quicklybecame friends at ISTE last year in Denver.  We  took the tour on the river boats around the riverwalk, learning about history of the riverwalk, some of the buildings around the area and about the flood that happened in the 20s!   Plus our tour guide was pretty entertaining.  What a fab way to wrap up a good week of learning!

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