#ISTE17 Recap – Tuesday

Wow!  What a day today has been.

First – that keynote from Jennie Magiera.  She was so powerful with her (more than) five lessons embedded in the stories she told.  Most importantly, she encouraged us all to tell our REAL stories.

Check out this tweeted sketchnote from my friend, Matt Miller.  He’s incredible and captured everything.  I planned to sketch…then just sat, sucked in by every word she spoke.

With that message in mind, I feel like I need to tell my story.  I’ve been really struggling this ISTE.  It’s a lot of things – and I’ve been putting on a brave face and limping through the conference, finding the good to share out and blog about, but really, it’s not been great for me.  We had a long, exhausting year.  It was so much hard work for the great work we did – but really truly exhausting at every turn.  I had students still on Friday of last week.  Yes, up till the day before I left for ISTE!  And teachers finished today.  Then, last week I hurt my knee… which felt better, but not great… and only has gotten TONS worse by the amount of walking at a giant conference like this.  I’ve had to say no to things that I just couldn’t walk to.  I’ve not wanted to slow folks down…so I’ve declined invitations to go places since I’d hold people back. I’ve not gone to sessions because they were too far.  I sat with ice on my knee instead of attending sessions.  It’s been hard to get my head right and be in the game for learning.  But I’m here and I’m learning lots in the sessions I’ve attended and being with my people is the best part of this whole experience.

Today I listened to Alice Keeler speak two times.  That lady can share ideas – it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen her, I always walk away with new ways of thinking about the work we do.  Why do we want to assign and make individual copies of documents when we could just collaborate on one (and open one to grade)?  Why not use private comments and replies to build a conversation…not just a comment that no one reads?

The second time she was with the incredible Jo Boaler.  Jo is the author of Mathematical Mindsets and has researched and written extensively about how we need to be shifting the way we teach math.  She did not disappoint.  I LOVE everything she said.  Listening to the two of them talk made me wish I was still teaching math in the classroom.  That’s powerful.

Tomorrow is the last day and packed with some great sessions and a keynote that I’m really looking forward to!

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