#ISTE17 Recap – Monday 6/26

Just a few highlights as I am WIPED OUT tonight.  Whew!

First off  – breakfast with the #TOSAchat crew!  Formerly the #TOSAsWithMimosas breakfast…this year, without mimosas.  It is incredible to introduce yourself to someone and hear their voice and realize you’ve known them for ages, that they’ve helped you through rough times, helped you think of plans for the great work you’re doing and told you when you totally off base and wacky with ideas.  ❤

I attended two fabulous sessions that stand out for me. First, my dear friend Jennifer Casa-Todd spoke about Social Media – moving beyond digital citizenship into digital leadership.  Her conversation with us was peppered with examples of students doing great things, teachers connecting with students and classes to model appropriate online behavior and the encouragement to go out and really change how we approach digital citizenship.

(If you haven’t yet checkout out her book Social LEADia, please do!)

Next, I was in a session with PhET simulations.  Well, the session started out great when the presenter said the original presenter had a family emergency…and his backup also had something come up, so we were moving forward with the third string.  He was an engaging presenter  – a physicist, not a teacher – and was excited to share the work they’ve been doing. I can’t wait to take these back to my teachers.  But more important than these awesome HTML5 simulations are the big ideas – simulations are built for students to construct meaning.  DON’T give them a recipe to put together and take all the discovery out of it.

Finally, I really enjoyed the Tech Talks this afternoon.  All 3 were great.  Catch the periscope here.  Lean in and listen especially to the third one, Rafranz Davis.  Listen to her message because it’s a very important one.

A trip to San Antonio wouldn’t be complete without the Alamo and a bar with lots of antlers, right?

2 thoughts on “#ISTE17 Recap – Monday 6/26

  1. A question and a comment (or two). Why no mimosas this year??!? Thank you for coming to my session and writing about it in your recap of Monday awesomeness. It really was so good to see you!!! Miss you on EDUMATCH! ox


    1. That’s a good question! We had a terrible time finding a place in San Antonio that opened early AND had mimosas! It’s like they don’t brunch much in San Antonio (at least downtown). Hopefully we have better luck in Chicago!


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