Saturday at #ISTE17


This year I made the decision to go to ISTE a day early.  Last year I got in barely on time for the first event on Sunday.  I took an early flight, rushed to the lunch meetup and then felt rushed and behind and exhausted all week because it started that way.

Not this year.

This year I flew in on Saturday – not super early (my flight left at 8:30 am from an airport near my house).  I had a direct flight, got here and had lunch and a break, before meeting up with folks for HH and dinner and exploring the Riverwalk.

Today was incredible because I was able to settle in, figure out a plan and most importantly, meet up with all the great folks that make coming to these conferences so worthwhile.  The members of my PLN push me constantly to grow and think differently.  We live on different sides of this country and rarely meet up in person….and when we do we have even more powerful conversations than we do on Twitter and Voxer groups!  I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned from these incredible educators!!

Today was all about reconnecting and energizing and starting the week off right!

I caught up with Sam (@ThatsWightman) on our flight and at lunch, visited with so many people at the Participate kickoff party and then dinner with my #TOSAchat friends and some time exploring the Riverwalk.

All that … and in between I picked up my badge and met some new friends on the shuttle as we ventured through town!

And I can’t wait to chat with even more of my peeps tomorrow!


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