The overwhelming becomes amazing

This week was laptop collection.  Our 2700+ student 1:1 devices were collected, along with cases and cords. We waited as long as we could to ensure students could complete most of their year with their devices.  Our teachers have truly changed how they teach and how our students learn and this tool is critical to the process.  This week was senior exams (so the last 4 days for seniors) and the last week of regular schedule classes for underclassmen (they start exams next week). 


One of the biggest fears we heard over and over from parents, community, teachers, and higher ups in the district is that our kids would lose/destroy many of these computers.  We saw just the opposite from the first day of distribution in August.  Kids took ownership for these devices.  In fact, several were really sad to give it back to us.  We heard comments from students explaining how this was the first time they had their own computer…that they now have to share one device with everyone in their house … that they use it so much, they were sad to give it up.  In our first round of collection, just under 2600 students turned them in when scheduled.  We’ll get the last 116 this week!


Thinking of collecting 2700+ devices in 5 days was completely overwhelming.  We started planning months ago – asking other schools what they did, finding spaces to store so much equipment, figuring out what sort of organization will help. Planning and revising those plans regularly to ensure we were as efficient as possible (we’ve even been reflecting each evening to make sure there wasn’t something we could tweak to make it better the next day).



We shared the challenge we were facing with our staff and asked for help.  We had an incredible outpouring of support from staff and students.  We had more than 50 faculty and staff give up their planning time during one of the busiest times of the year to help with everything from making sure students were ready when they walked in the door, calling families to get the last few in, building carts, moving equipment onto shelves and everything in between!

We checked in students’ devices, cases and cords, issued receipts and organized them all so we can return them to those same returning students in August.

I am so thankful for the community at Chantilly High School, willing to pitch in and make the overwhelming task easier and more manageable, even when it meant they lost planning time.  This is just one of MANY examples of the selfless service to others that our staff and students display every year.

Want to see a quick glimpse of what our storage space looks like?  Here is a quick video tour from Thursday afternoon.  When this was filmed we had collected about 2300 computers, cases and cords.

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