Here I am, on spring break, and I can’t resist writing about why I #LoveMySchool.  Educators and students around the world are sharing what makes their schools special on Twitter.

Here are just a few reasons that our school is an incredible place:

We are a huge school (2700+ students in our high school plus our academy of about 1600).  This means our kids have options that aren’t available in smaller schools (where else can you take Cisco, Animal Science and AP classes in one day), but I’ll admit this scared me when I started. How in the world can we get to know that many students? How do we ensure they don’t slip through the cracks?  This makes us special – we are organized in sub schools and stay with the same counselor and administrators for all four years, giving the school a much closer feel.

The variety of activities and programs for students to be involved in: sports, academic clubs, common interest clubs, performances, showcases, debate, journalism, robotics, cybersecurity teams and more! Clubs and departments offer trips to ensure students have incredible and wide ranging experiences. We’ve won state championships recently in track and field, theatre, baseball, debate, forensics and other sports and activities!

Teachers, administrators and staff who really care about kids and work so hard to ensure students have the best opportunities at school.

Kind staff and students – honestly. I walked down the steps the other day and watched a student stop to hang a poster that had started to fall and another helped a student who had dropped her things.  All before I got to the bottom of the stairs!

Many of our clubs and teams have a service to others mentality.  I think this is so important to having well rounded adults – performing acts of service for others, whether it’s the wrestling team making and delivering sandwiches to a shelter, the art students holding a toy drive for children in need, hosting a veteran’s dinner, and more, our students are making a difference in our community!

I LOVE the idea that we should talk about why we love our school.  Several years ago I started using the hashtag #ChantillyPride to tell this story for our specific school.  I talked to administrators, faculty, student groups, teams, clubs and leadership students about why we wanted to tell the great bits of information that makes us unique.  Having this trending nationally on Tuesday gives us a chance to see why others love their school AND to gain ideas to make our school even better!


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