#Breakout on a Budget


Have you tried Breakout Edu? It’s an engaging and exciting way of doing PD, learning, or team building. Students love it, and many teachers love it (because students get SO into it) and we all know that those engaged classes tend not to have as many classroom management issues.  I love breakouts because you can create them to support the content that you’re working on in class, and yet they also teach valuable lessons around the 4 Cs and important soft skills. 

When I’m working with teachers on Breakouts, one of their concerns is that each Breakout box is $125. If you’re trying to have enough boxes for your students to work in teams of 3-4 at the same time, that adds up fast! I recently worked with a teacher (we’ll call her Megan, because that’s her name) who decided to put together her own breakout boxes. She ended up ordering enough materials to make four boxes for less than the price of one at the link above!  Here’s how she did it (each is linked to Amazon)…

Word lock (order 4)
Keyed Padlocks (order 1 pack of 4)
Luggage combination locks (order 1 pack of 4)
Cable Combination Luggage locks (order 1 pack of 4)
Invisible ink markers
UV LED Flashlights (order 1 pack of 5)
Hasp (order 4)

All of these items were purchased from Amazon (and prices sometimes change), but she spent $123.98

Other options:

Lockable Medication Bag (rather than using a box)
Directional lock
USB drives
Get a letter (or horizontal number lock) and use paint or nail polish to create a color lock.

How could you use these breakout ideas in your class?

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