Margaret Sisler: Generally Amazing…It’s Official.

Y’all…I HAVE to take some time this morning to brag on my partner in EdTech, Margaret Sisler. As I was sipping my jasmine green tea this morning, I saw a video of her receiving a much-deserved award. Margaret was named the Outstanding School-Based Leader award which is a pretty big deal. I can’t think of someone who deserves it more.


Margaret is involved in many things at Chantilly, in Fairfax county, and in the larger eduworld and it’s all focused on learning and engagement. She works tirelessly to support her teachers and to innovate for everyone in education. Margaret never ceases to amaze and inspire me, but the thing that I love best about working with her is her tenacity in turning problems into opportunities to excel, and making innovation accessible to everyone. She’s taken her (giant) staff from trepidation about technology in the classroom to a model 1:1 high school program.

I am so proud to be Margaret’s blog partner and colleague, but most importantly her friend. Congratulations, Margaret!

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