EduCon Reflection

This weekend I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia with a teacher from my school, @TheScottHazen and 500 other educators at EduCon 2.9.  This was a great conference, connecting those interested in improving education for all of our students and engaging us in conversations around deep topics.

I am so jazzed up by the ideas, conversations and connections with others that I made this weekend.  We spent time sharing what works and what doesn’t, analyzing why that is and sharing new plans to improve the way our students learn.

The theme for this year’s EduCon was Sustainability. It was such a wonderful topic to tie all our work together. Many of us are on the front side of the changes we hope to see in education and that can be scary and exhausting. We talked about how to sustain the change, how to encourage more people to join our movement and how we learn from each other.

2017-01-29-15-03-49One of the most energizing and exciting parts of the weekend was talking with so many students from Science Leadership Academy.  These students are really in charge of their learning.  They are spending the 4 years in high school, not just learning the stuff we need to know, but learning about themselves and learning HOW to learn.  THESE are the skills that will make the difference in their success.

My favorite sessions at EduCon were those staffed by students – either a panel where they shared what they learned and how they felt about it or where they co-presented with their teachers. What a powerful statement to our students – telling them that their voice matters.  I wonder how we can offer that vote of confidence to our students?







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