#OneWord2017 #OneWordEDU


I LOVE the plan of picking #OneWord instead of setting a resolution.  There are studies out there about how few people keep their New Year’s Resolutions…the verdict is out on the #OneWord, but the anecdotal responses look good judging by my PLN and the educators I talk with regularly.  PLUS it totally worked for me in 2016 (read more here and here).

This year, 2017, the word I’ve chosen is Purpose.  I want everything I do to be done with purpose.  Remembering what I’m striving for, what we’re working so hard for is critical to maintaining energy and motivation when the work is hard (and boy, has it been hard this year).  Paying attention to the why and the purpose of the work, actions and more will guide the work I do in the coming calendar year.

One action that helped me maintain focus last year was creating an image and posting it in my office where I’d see it everyday.   Creating a sketchnote (last year I used Paper53 to create mine) or a graphic (I used Adobe Spark this year) helps to be eye catching.  You can even use this Google Draw template from my blogging partner, Kendra.

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