Most Likely To Succeed

Last week we had a school planning day.  These are days built into our calendar (typically 3 or 4 in a year) where students do not attend and school staff engage in professional learning opportunities.

We gathered in our auditorium with movie snacks to watch Most Likely To Succeed as a full staff.  Everyone was included:  teachers, instructional assistants, admin assistants, security staff, etc.  This work is important for all of us.

The movie is about 90 minutes in length and after watching the movie we broke into departments for discussions.  The power of this discussion was evident in the reflection form that everyone filled out after concluding their discussions.  We provided questions straight from the MLTS Discussion Guide (included with your hosting materials) to spark conversation.

This was a completely new style of professional learning for us.  We typically hold a conference-style day with choices of sessions for staff to attend, presented as much as possible by our own staff.  We are doing great things already and want to highlight and spread that greatness throughout our building.  Mixing it up keeps things interesting and encourages everyone to think differently about the work we’re doing.  I’d highly recommend hosting your own screening if you are able to do so! A lot of schools hold a screening and discussion for the staff and community together.

If you want to host a screening of Most Likely To Succeed, you can find our more information here.  I also recommend Tony Wagner’s book of the same name – lots of good information in there.  We are discussion innovation in a series of #NoVAedchat conversations.  Join us on on Twitter the 2nd Wednesday of October, November and December for conversations moderated by the FCPS Division Level Coaches and FCPS School Support.  Check out the transcript of our October conversation here.


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