A new reflective journey

I’ve mentioned several times about this new shift my high school (and the rest of our pyramid schools) are taking on this school.  I’m planning to blog about lessons I’m learning, things that are working and not, the impact and changes we are seeing.

We are about three weeks into this new school year (well, my contract anyway!  Teachers start on the 26th and students on Sept 6th).  We’ve been busy working to prepare and distribute devices, plan professional learning to support our staff along with all the normal back-to-school tasks we do each year.

Last Friday, after 5 full days of distribution, we sat in a quiet room that has been non-stop busy all week.  We’ve talked with students, parents, siblings.  So many families are excited about the changes this year.  Many have questions, and we’ve been able to answer many of those as well.  While we were sitting there in the quiet I finally felt like I could take a deep breath.  One of our supervisors said he could hear the relaxing in that breath…that the overthinking and anxiety we’ve been living with is paying off in well-thought-out distribution plans.  The hours of work we’ve put in to learn as much as we could possible learn is paying off when we are able to answer questions and reassure families.  He’s right – planning and thinking through all the possibilities and creating plans around those possibilities, however exhausting, is really critical to the smooth success later on.

I’m planning to share some of these thoughts as we find those quiet, reflective moments in between all the business of this new journey that we are all on together.

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