Summer Reading

GOUNELLEI’ve always been a reader.  When I was a little kid, my mom had to take the flashlights and books away so I’d go to sleep.  (I was really great at hiding an extra book and flashlight and knowing when Mom had already gone to bed and I was safe to get it out again).  I’d stay up all night to finish a great book. Some of my favorite summer days were those that my mom, my little sister and I would head in to the Morgantown Public Library and I’d get to pick a huge new stack of books to haul home and start on.  Sometimes I couldn’t choose where to start and dive right into several books at a time!

This summer feels like that.  I’ve ordered a pile of books to get started on and I couldn’t wait to dive in!  I’ve dipped into 3 of them so far and LOVE everything I’m reading!

I have a month off – planning to relax, recharge, read and learning!  What are you reading this summer?

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