My Year in Numbers

Kendra 2016 By The Numbers TemplateIn honor of my last day of work for the year, I wanted to reflect on my first year in my new district. Last month, my partner in blogging (and reflection), Margaret posted her year reflection, based on Ryan O’Donnell  who shared his infographic about his year as a TOSA (Teacher On Special Assignment), a blog post about his reflection and creation process, and a template to create my own.  I thought this was GENIUS!! So I started thinking about what would go on mine.   I created the infographic above and shared…I couldn’t help but think that this would be a great way of asking my teachers to reflect, too!

The Numbers I’m Most Glad About

The teachers I’m coaching- Although I’m in my sixth year of being a Tech Coach, this is the first year I have been a Technology Instructional Coach- and that one word has made all of the difference. It’s been exciting, challenging, and enlightening to focus on instruction…really focus on instruction. It’s something I’ve done little of in my past coaching roles. I do miss the more ‘techy’ aspects of my past jobs, and yet it’s definitely been a growing experience for me.

My blog posts- while I didn’t write as much as I would have liked to, I am proud of getting started on a blog. It’s certainly helped me reflect on events as the year has progressed. By reflecting in a public arena, it helps me to understand the implications and benefits blogging can have for students.

Numbers I Hope To Add For Next Year

Google Expeditions- After trying it myself at a couple of conferences, I’ve been eager to bring it to some of my teachers’ classrooms. I’ve heard rumors that it may {finally} be coming to South Carolina. I hope that it ends up happening and that I get to see it in action with our students.

Build #TechCoachBC– In so many cases Tech Coaches (and Instructional Coaches) are in isolated roles and positions. Especially when coaches take on school-based positions, there can be a difficulty in extending and developing your ‘beyond’. In building a powerful #PLN and pushing myself by learning new ideas and trying them out, I’ve enhanced my practice. I hope that we can enlarge our group and make more meaningful collaborative experiences.

Student Agency– Student ownership of learning is a hot topic in most eduCircles these days, and for good reason. School has simply got to change. Continuing with the status quo isn’t doing anyone any favors. Engaging our students and getting them interested in being lifelong learners  should be a high priority for everyone in education. My hope is to learn more and support my teachers in building student agency in our classrooms and schools.


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