What do you hear in the quiet?

What do you hear in the quiet-We are in full sprint here at the end of the year.  We have moved from AP testing straight into our state testing straight into retakes and makeups all the way up to the day we start senior exams and underclass exams.  Not to mention the change in schedules and all the sporting events for district, region and state titles in all spring sports, performances in theatre, band, chorus and orchestra and award ceremonies too! The last 8 weeks of school are NO JOKE.

Add to that the work of planning for a huge change in what instruction looks like for our students next year and you’ve got one super tired technology specialist!

I feel like I’ve been running on fumes for the last two weeks, ready to putter and run out of gas and grind to a full stop at any moment.

And just in time, the long Memorial Day weekend arrived.  I really didn’t do anything terribly exciting.  But I did sit in the quiet.

In that quiet, I realized what was missing from these days of sprinting to keep up: time to think and reflect and revise and update.  That is CRITICAL to any project’s success.  I know this, yet I was so bogged down in the “stuff” that I let it fall away.

We know that the cycle of reflection, Plan – Do – Reflect, is essential for successful learning and teaching.  Yet, when we’re pressed for time, the first thing to go is the reflection! We plan and do and then plan and do again! We fill any quiet moment with one more (or maybe 3 more!) tasks that we can squeeze in.

When we take the time to sit in that quiet, we often come to realizations and reflections that we would have overlooked other wise.  I spent a few hours in Shenandoah National Park, along Skyline Drive, alone with my thoughts and the sunshine and beautiful views.  I thought through several of the big projects we are in the midst of.  I was able to find some solutions to some of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our way. And most importantly, I found the calm realization that I CAN make it through our last month of school and confidence that we will find our way through these winding, twisty paths on our way to redefining learning in our district.

2016-05-30 16.27.40

Where do you find the quiet to think and reflect?

Please join us on twitter, June 15th from 8-9pm EST for #NoVAedchat as we talk about the importance of reflection and how we can ensure time for our students (and ourselves) to reflect.


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