More Reflecting – 1 month left!

2016 By The Numbers Template (1)

Earlier this week, Ryan O’Donnell shared his infographic about his year as a TOSA (Teacher On Special Assignment), a blog post about his reflection and creation process, and a template to create  my own.  I thought this was GENIUS!! So I started thinking about what would go on mine.   I created the infographic above and shared…and immediately thought of more numbers I wanted to add!

Most Proud of…

I think the 3 numbers above I’m most proud of are my 32 Weekly Tech Tip Newsletters, 44 teachers working in a cohort to earn Google Certifications and 19 blog posts.

32 Weekly Tech Tip Newsletters –  Last year I sent many of these and received great feedback from staff.  This year I wanted to make it more consistent AND include more pedagogy ideas, theory and articles.  I collaborated with some of my fellow tech coaches  (Leslie Borkenhagen, Joan Brown, and Kendra Murphy) and have sent/shared them with dozens of other tech coaches in our district.  I wanted to extend the reach beyond my school’s teachers!  I’ve succeeded with this and sent a tip every week we’ve been in school!  Want to see them?  They are all available here!

44 Teachers Working in a Cohort to Earn Google Certifications – Wow! This exploded this spring and in the last 8 weeks or so we have seen the number of teachers working independently toward this certification jump from about 15 to 44! As teachers worked through the certification and talked to their collaborative teams about the great things they were learning and trying in their classes, more and more joined in!  I’m excited to see how many finish through the certification exam in the next month of school.  Even if they don’t finish and take the test, I’m reassured that they have learned and implemented new learning in their classrooms!

19 Blog Posts – well, with this one, I will have 20!  I started blogging here in September as a way to be reflective, share my thoughts and ideas and gain feedback from others.  I was worried when I started that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the dedication needed to blog regularly, but I’ve found it so important to my growth that I couldn’t let it go!

Numbers I wish I knew…

Teachers I’ve Coached –  Teachers who come to plan/learn something new with me get their names entered into a drawing for a monthly prize.  I have those names and the topic we worked on together…but that’s not a real reflection of who I coached and how often.  I have been thinking of this and how I could collect this information.  I think what I will do is a short google form that I save on the homescreen of my phone.  It would be a quick, fill it in and submit after working with a teacher or team.  Hmmm….

Books I’ve read – I have made an effort this year to read more professional books.  Our #TechCoachBC monthly book club has been really helpful at holding me accountable.  I’ve read some other books tied to my job and for professional development along the way, but I don’t have a full list.  I’m going to see how many I can remember, but know this isn’t a complete list and ONLY includes the professional reads, not any of the personal reading!

Want to do more..

Sketchnotes! I really think I can add to this number and create more. I know that the learning is really solid for me when I sketch out what I’ve learned.  I look forward to sketching more often than just when I go to a conference.  Maybe this will be one of my 100 day challenges in the coming year.

Google Expeditions – we were part of the pilot program. Google sent a rep to our school and brought all the materials.  EVERY class that did this loved it.  We want to figure out how we might use this regularly and what equipment we might need..  I’d love to see this Expeditions app widely available!

Edcamps!  It’s amazing how different every experience is.  I blogged about it here.  I want to travel to some other nearby edcamps next year to see how their culture and topics vary from ours AND to grab some ideas to make ours even better!


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