This week I was introduced to a new tool called Trello.  It is an organizational tool originally designed for Project Management Teams to collaborate.  My brain is spinning with how we can use this with our staff and students at our schools!! I see so many opportunities!


First, what is it?

Trello is a website and an iOS and Android app that allows you to create lists, tasks, ideas, questions, deadlines, etc.  You can attach pictures, google docs, videos, links, due dates and more to each item.   You can share boards with project teams building in collaboration.  It allows you to assign tasks to team members (puts your user icon on it as a sign of ownership).

Secondly, how can we use it in our schools?

Students and staff can sign up with their google apps accounts.  This makes it a single log in option for all our users.  It can be used to collaboratively plan projects, group work, organize work like a digital notebook or portfolio.  It can be used as a real-life experience in project management and prioritizing tasks.  This is a real-life tool, much like google calendar, that will help our students succeed in college and their careers.

We are in the midst of a huge new initiative in our district.  This is a tool that we are using on the planning side of it to be sure everyone is looped in on all the conversations.  We can set notifications, add this app to our devices and keep up to date on all the changes in real time.

I happen to think this is a great option, but like all tools, it’s an option and not perfect for every task or every student.  By offering students choices and opportunities to explore these tools in specific interest, we can help them find the tools that work for them!

Here are some ideas I’ve gathered about how to use Trello on my pinterest board.  How are you using Trello?

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