Learning Experiences vs. Technology

Last night I read this tweet and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I think this is where we struggle so much with our discussion about technology in education.  We (using the royal we here… meaning teachers, admins, folks in charge, families)  focus on the wrong part of the equation… what device will my students have?  What apps will we use?  What websites?  How can I see what they are doing on their screens?  How can I lock them to an app and be sure they don’t use anything else?

We don’t talk enough about the change in instruction and the change in our learners’ experiences.

Recently at my school, we have engaged in some whole-school discussion about a 1:1 teaching and learning environment.  There is a good chance we will make this transition in the next year or two and our leadership team wanted to be sure we have time to do the work and start the thinking ahead of time.

This is why, over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been so jazzed up about the work I’m doing every day!  I am meeting with teachers.  We are talking about how to make these changes, what these changes in instruction look like, what our students will be doing, and talking about what seems so scary about these big changes.  It’s a powerful conversation for all of us!

But more than a conversation… we are making a plan.  Our professional development MUST include instructional methods!  It’s not about the shiny new toy that is coming into our classrooms – it’s about the changes we can make for our students.  How can we ensure they are prepared for the world that will greet them in just a few short years?

Like @Chris_Rogne said – “whatever they need.”

Thanks Devin and everyone at #IAedchat last night for pushing my thinking and helping me wrap my head around the thoughts that have been floating around over the last week or two.

Want to read more of #IAedchat?  Check out the archive here!


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