A need and a sense of urgency

We have been working with teachers to integrate technology into our classrooms for what feels like decades…I know it’s been true for me for the last 14 years I’ve been a licensed educator.  We’ve had varying levels of success.  Some teachers have this desire to run with it while others are running from it.

But that seems to have changed recently – we still have teachers on both sides, but this scale is tipping!

What changed?  Our superintendent is pursuing an aggressive timeline for 1:1 teaching and learning for all students K-12.  At our school, we have had discussions, staff meetings, instructional council meetings about the digital transformation that is on the way.  There is a felt need now.  We know this change is coming in the next year or two…  It’s amazing to see the vision clearly laid out AND the excitement and desire to learn more that follows!

We had a day of professional learning last week.  Our teachers were expected to choose one session.  Reflecting on this, reviewing surveys and thinking of the conversations after the day led me to these revelations:

  •  It was amazing to see the number of teachers who chose to spend their morning in 2 or more sessions just because they wanted to learn more.
  • More than 15 educators in our building volunteered to lead sessions and share great learning happening in their classrooms
  • After the sessions, more than 15 teachers reached out to set up individual time to work with me – to learn more, next steps, or go back because they want more information or  support/clarification about what their session was about and how to use these big ideas in their content area
  • Our feedback was consistent – offer more sessions, follow up on what we learned this time and build on it next time
  • We have more than 25 teachers who are ready to pursue google educator level 1 certifications now!  We are working in a cohort to provide support and deadlines and TIME to work on this certification together.

Additionally, we had a survey for our staff to express their commitment to the digital transformation.  I was blown away by the level of support in the answers!  More than 98% of our staff said they were committed to making this change for our students!

This momentum is great – and the work will be hard!   I want to continue to build on this positivity and maintain it throughout the hard work and the change that is coming.  What advice do you have for me?

One thought on “A need and a sense of urgency

  1. We are making the same move in our district. Our Technology Coordinators are offering online professional development that we can complete on our own time, but I wish there was more of a concerted effort placed on in-house training and development. I feel totally overwhelmed by this transition, though I believe 100% in the mission.


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