iOS 9.3 Update: Monday 3.21

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I’m very much looking forward to the iOS 9.3 update announced today at the Apple Event. Mostly, I’m excited because of my bed…let me explain. Likely you’ve heard about the evils of blue light that our much beloved devices give off. If not, word is that this blue light interrupts our circadian rhythms (a/k/a sleep schedule).  For most of us, it’s difficult to leave our devices behind when the sun goes down.

Apple claims to help with this- the iOS 9.3 update has something called Night Shift built into it that allows your phone to adjust based on location and clock to figure out when the sun sets, and then it adjusts your phone to use warmer colors (iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 & later, and later & iPad Air & later, and iPod Touch 6 & later).

Will it work? Will it interrupt my device use? I’m excited to text it out (worry not, I’ll report back)…most of the testing will likely not be on me. I’m a good sleeper. Blue light or not, I usually fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and get dragged to semi-consciousness by my alarm.  My delightful husband, on the other hand often likes to fall asleep while using an iPad and sometimes wakes up in the night, so we’ll see how it goes on him.

Other highlights to consider: locking some of your notes with your fingerprint. Do you use your notes for passwords, medial information, and other important stuff? You can lock all that down with your fingerprint. That’s a plus.

Finally, Apple Schools is on its way (some of the people in my county’s EdTech team got a preview last week) and it sounds pretty good. There are some built-ins included with 9.3 that you can preview. My favorite point is that teachers will be able to check out what their kids are doing as they work- great for targeting instruction. Maybe it will be enough to get my partner in crime, Margaret back on the iPad train!

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