Ready for a change…

Here in our district we are moving (speeding) toward a 1:1 initiative, otherwise known as Digital Transformation.  Our superintendent and our school board set forth an ambitious goal and work has started to plan this initiative.  The teams have met a few times, committees have been formed, AND an application process has begun to select the pyramid (a high school and the feeder middle and elementary schools) to pilot next year.  The conversation has started!

Now, I’m super excited for this because it’s time for change.  More than a device for every student, I’m excited about the change this means in how our students will learn!  Bring on the project based, research and inquiry based, and personalized learning!

I’m reading George Courous’ book, The Innovator’s Mindset, and one of the quotes I LOVE already is this:

“Right now we have many twenty-first-century schools with twentieth-century learning.”

We have pockets of fabulousness and innovation throughout our district.  We have schools that are Project Based Learning (PBL) schools.  We have many teachers in every department and grade level doing great things – but it’s not systemic.

However, a change this big is also terrifying!  Because the conversation has just started!  We are a VERY large district (over 180K students, over 23K staff) something like this takes a lot of planning to be sure it’s ready.  We’ve often heard the comparison that making a change in a district this size is very much like turning around an ocean liner.


What recommendations do you have about making big, important changes?

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