#OneWord2016: Formerly Known As New Year’s Resolution.

As is often the case, my innovative partner in EdTech shared her #OneWord2016 for this year a few weeks ago. The whole concept of OneWord really struck a chord with me. For many years, I’ve made New Year’s’ resolutions (I’m sure you know where this is headed). I would be very excited about it for a few weeks, then begrudgingly continue it for a couple of more, then feel guilty about it as I attempted to continue, before finally giving up. I think part of my issue with a resolution is that they’re often very specific. I had good intentions, but life so frequently got in the way.

So, instead of making a SMART resolution, I’m going to focus on one word. My word for 2016 is Reflection. I’m going to use my energy and time to reflect what’s important for me. I’m especially going to work on making reflection a priority in my dealings with teachers.

I feel pretty confident about this and since I’m hyper-focused on one word, I feel like it’s interpretation can change as I grow and as I reflect on how things are going, which makes it seem like I can stick with this for a whole year.

What are you focusing on this year?


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