Goals: Mid-Year Reflection

It’s been about three months since I set my goals and intentions for this year, and it’s prime time to reflect on how it’s going. My goals for the year is supporting reflection and working beyond…here’s how thing are going:

thinkWorking beyond: Margaret and I have both been pretty successful in working beyond our school/group. I’ve been accepted to present at three different conferences this year (SC EdTech, FETC, & ISTE).  I remember last year during FETC deciding that I was going to attend conferences in the new year- Margaret help push me to applying as a presenter at all of these conferences and it’s going really well.  Not only do we get to share our experiences with other engaged educators, but I get to learn from a myriad of other people…what a treat!

We were also approached by the great ImagineEasy team to do a guest blog post.  Margaret and I co-wrote a blog post for them and they kindly published for us – How to Master Twitter at Conferences. We have really enjoyed working with Emily and Jenny and learning about new opportunities like this blog post, and I’m looking forward to connecting with them (IRL) at FETC.

Building these connections and relationships have benefited my teachers and my team- my PLN exposes me to so many more resources than I would have found on my own.  I’d like to start working more with Margaret on some other ideas we have planned for extending our reach to more educators, in ways we haven’t tried yet.

My other (and main) focus area for the year is Reflection: after engaging in some reflection on my part, I realized that teaching people something and NOT allowing for reflection time is such a missed opportunity and doesn’t really give people the skills for success. I’ve been making a concerted effort to allow for enough (too much?) reflection during training and DLC (Digital Learning Cohort) sessions with my teachers. I haven’t told them I’m doing it- I’m just letting it happen and building in opportunities for it. Not only do I believe that it’s important for teachers (and all adults) to reflect on what they’re learning, but my hope is that the process of of reflecting will cause teachers to bring it into their classes with students. In the second half of the year, I want to lead my teachers to engage in more metacognition about what they’re learning and (more importantly) get them to start thinking about how they ask their students to reflect.

How is your progress on your goals going? What advice do you have for me?


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