Goals & Dreams – Mid year check in!

Remember back in the beginning of the school year?  You were rested, refreshed and ready to take on the world!  We set some pretty lofty goals for ourselves.  And now it’s time to check in and see what progress we are making!

Don't wait untilRemember my goals and dreams? Read more about them here.  I want to spend a little time over winter break reflecting on these goals and the progress I’m making.  I read this comment on a fitness blog a long time ago and wrote it down because I felt it was so important.  Often times we only celebrate when we  achieve the goals, when really we should celebrate our progress!  It’s also a time to adjust any goals for the second half of the school year.

1 – work beyond my school – I’m proud to say this is going well! I have applied and been accepted at conferences around the country!

  • VSTE – Virginia Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference in Roanoke, Dec 2015.
  • FETC – Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, Jan 2016
  • EdTechRVA – EdTech Conference of Greater Richmond Area Technology Consortium – March 2016
  • ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference in Denver, June 2016

Presenting and attending these conferences, while costly, is incredibly powerful because of the connections I am making! Educators around the world are willing to share and support me as I work for change in my school and district.

We’ve also been collaborating with the team over at ImagineEasy.  We wrote a blog post for them and had it published – How to Master Twitter at Conferences!  I’ve really enjoyed working with Emily and Jenny and learning about new opportunities like this blog collaboration!

Finally, I’ve connected with the folks over at #TOSAchat as well as strengthening my ties to #EduMatch and #VAchat to grow my PLN.

This particular goal, reaching beyond the walls of my school, help me to appreciate what I do have at my school AND build the connections I’ve been craving!

2 – Be consistent with Tech Tips and Trainings –  I’ve been consistent with my tech tips – they are posted each Tuesday and I’ve only missed one (when we were out at VSTE) this fall.  I’m so thankful for my partners in writing these – Kendra and Leslie and I work together to make sure these are just the right length, on time and on topic.  It’s much easier to stay

I’ve been rethinking and adjusting my goal around regular trainings – a one time event, about a tool rather than pedagogy is not going to make the digital transformation happen that we need.  I need more time with teachers so I’ve been working to be more purposeful with my Vanguard team.  These are the teachers that are committed to enhancing their students’ learning and engagement with technology.  They are willing to try something new and take risks as well as coaching their colleagues.  I’m hoping to continue this, as well as encouraging teachers to drop in and plan with me and offer PD sessions on our county directed days.

3 – Build a successful 20% time with our tech students – we have these projects off the ground, and we had a very successful launch, but I’ve not been very good at following up and building in steps for success.  We are all kind of languishing, and I am planning now for how to re-energize students as they work on these projects in the new year.  Definitely my focus area!!

How are you doing with your goals for the 2015-16 school year?   What can we celebrate with you?

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