Goals For This Year: Keep Me Motivated, PLN!

I love being inspired and motivated by others, and after reading Margaret’s post (my partner in EdTech) on her Goals & Dreams for the year, I wanted to share my goals, too. I know I am much more likely to follow through on a goal if I’ve told other people about it and solicited their unwavering law-dog oversight of me and what I’m doing. In light of that, please feel free to call me out if you haven’t heard any movement out of me on any of these things. Life is busy (I’m sure yours is, too), and sometimes goals that we set can be difficult to follow through on (hello New Years’ Resolutions?), but part of having (and being in) a supportive and inspiring PLN is that we can all be accountable to each other. It’s not that we don’t want to succeed at my goals, it gets hard to remember them while we’re managing everything else.

I have two main goals this year:

  1. Focus on reflection.  So often, I’m rushed from one thing to another and I don’t pause enough to let what I’m learning/have learned/have taught sink in. What does that mean for the next part of this? How could I have taught that better? What went well when working with that teacher? This is good practice for all of us. I think it’s specifically important for me this year because I want to inspire other coaches to do the same thing and pass that practice on to teachers. If teachers become reflective about their practice, perhaps they will bring that same reflective work to their students…and isn’t that the goal? That students can reflect on their learning & the instruction at hand, thus internalizing the learning process? (Is this a big leap with my reach? MaybeProbably. Definitely)
  2. I (like Margaret) want to work beyond. I can’t say my school anymore, since I don’t have one. But I want to work beyond my close group. Last year, I talked about wanting to present more at conferences, and I have. I think I can do better. I want to work to share what I’ve learned and what I know with other coaches as well as with teachers who want to expand their knowledge base. I’ve got a little start going on this, but I’m going to need reiminders. Starting with becoming a producer, rather than just a consumer online & in social media.

I’m putting myself on notice here. I WANT you to call me out. I’m not even going to say I will improve these by next year…I’m going to improve by June. In our Digital Learning Cohort groups, we’re asking our teachers to blog and reflect (insert sound of achievement here) on what they’re learning. I think if I’m going to ask that of them, I need to do it too.

You know what goals I have. What suggestions do you have for me? Advice? It’s on.

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