Goals and Dreams

Last night was Back To School Night here at our high school.  This is an evening event where parents visit their child’s classrooms to hear first hand from the teachers what the vision and goals are for the year.   We talk about what we curriculum we will cover, what our hopes for our students are and share a little of our background in education.  It’s a long night – last night we were here till after 9pm when we finally made it out of the parking lot – but it’s SO very worth it.  Why? It helps us identify what is most important and articulate these goals.  Plus, we all know that when we talk about our goals with others, it adds an extra piece of accountability!

I have goals in three categories this year.  I want to put them out here for accountability’s sake and I plan to update here on my progress toward meeting these goals as the school year goes on.

  1. My own professional development goal – I want to work beyond my school.  This means reaching out and collaborating with other Tech Coaches in my district and beyond.  This means really, truly committing to blogging and reflecting.  This means applying to (and hopefully present!)  conferences outside our district.  This goal is inspired by the connections with my #EduMatch Voxer group.  Connecting with so many fabulous educators around the world has improved my work tremendously over the last few months and I am excited to see how I can build on this momentum!
  2. My goal for working with my teachers – Be consistent with tech tips and training opportunities.  Consistency will help encourage them to take the risk of trying something new.  I have some tricks up my sleeves for building excitement and encouraging this positive risk taking behavior to make changes in instruction!
  3. My goal for working with my students – Build in a successful 20% time project to our Tech Assistant class.  My goal is to guide my students while they identify a problem or process in our school community that needs to be improved or addressed.  But more than that, I want them to find a project that makes them happy!

What goals have you set for yourself this year?  How will you stay on track?


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