iOS 9…Who’s Geeking Out?

I was counting down the minutes today to update my phones & iPad to the newly released iOS9 this afternoon (at 1 pm). Surprisingly, I didn’t have to delete anything off of my personal phone (a first) and they all updated quickly (which was awesome).

So far, my favorite things are:IMG_0030

  • The font!I think the San Francisco font is great- it seems larger, is cleaner and shows much easier to read (even on my iPhone5, with a screen guard on).
  • Spotlight search is back…from the left! If you swipe all the way to the left, the search will pop up again (like it used to). Not only can you search here, but frequently-used apps and breaking news will both show up there (image to the right).
  • Related to spotlight, when you’re in settings, pull down like you’re trying to search and a Settings-specific search field will open. Great for finding those little-used settings you want to change.
  • Handoff– for those times when you start something on your iPad, and then you have to leave but you’re iPad isn’t coming with you. If you have that same app on your iPhone and you’re signed in with your iCloud account, you’re supposed to be able to pickup right where you left off. Time will tell how well this works.
  • CarPlay? Sounds awesome…but not awesome enough to buy a new car.
  • {iPad} this. Open an app, swipe in from right to left, choose an app and it will open in a 1/3 view on the right. Need to change that small app? Swipe down from the top. I’m going to use this a lot. My only complaint is that only Apple apps run in that small window. I’d love to have my Twitter feed in there (hint, hint).
  • {iPad} Touchpad…this is going to be a GAMECHANGER for so many people. When you have the keyboard visible on your screen, touch it with TWO fingers and it will turn into a mouse track pad for you. Editing tools show up too- copy/paste, bold/italics/underline.


What are your favorite parts of iOS 9 so far? 

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