Using One iPad With Multiple Students {Google Drive}

locked driveMany of my teachers wished they had enough iPads so that each of their students could have their own.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. If, however, you have some iPads for your students  you can still use Google Drive easily in your classroom!

One of the challenges of students sharing one iPad is that they have to log in and out of Google Drive, RIght?  Turns out there’s a way around logging in and out with a pin code.

This only works with Google Drive (not other, non-Google apps, that kids will still have to login/out of).  It doesn’t (as of today) work with Google Classroom.


  1.  Have the student login to the Google Drive app with their account information.
  2. Touch the three lines (on the left, next to My Drive).
  3. Touch Settings (the gear).
  4. Choose Passcode Lock, slide to turn on.
  5. Set a passcode (numeric) for the device & confirm.
  6. Leave the app (press the home button) and open it again. You will be prompted with the  device unlock keypad.
  7. To add another student, touch  the arrow to the right of the user’s name and choose  + Add account.
  8. Follow the same process.

Voila, you can now share an iPad between mutliple students without having to remind them to logout.  This works for all Google Apps (Docs, Slides, etc) with the exception of Classroom (so far).

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